Update 17 July 2018 - Alpha V17.13

Added On 17.07.2018

-Furnace, Campfire, Storage Box, Workbench And Anvil Can Be Picked Up Back To Inventory Using Button ‘R’.

Update 02 July 2018 - Alpha V17.12

Added On 02.07.2018

-Workbench Has Been Added. It Operates With A Worker Put In Worker Slot And Builds Planks From Logs. Workers Can Automatically Collect Log To Workbench If Exists. Otherwise They Continue Collecting Logs To Storage Boxes Like Other Resources.

-You Can Take A Worker To Inventory Using ‘E’ Button Or Change Its Collecting Resource Using ‘R’ Button.

-If You Set A Worker To Collect Resources You Should Craft A Storage Box Otherwise It Can Not Bring The Collected Resource. (Logs Can Also Be Stored In Workbenches Of Course).

Update 21 June 2018 - Alpha V17.11

Added On 21.06.2018

-Worker Problems Has Been Fixed. It Can Now Collect Resources To Storage Boxes Which Are Located Inside The Buildings.

-Worker Can Now Be Crafted Using 25 Cooked Meats.

-Worker’s Collecting Resource Can Be Changed By Pressing Button ‘R’ Near It. Its Collecting Resource Icon Can Be Seen On Its Head.

-Enemies Now Attack To Distant Player After Hitting Them Using Ranged Weapons.

-Drink Problem In Leafy Waters Has Been Fixed.

Update 29 April 2018 - Alpha V17.10

Added On 29.04.2018

- The Map Has Been Extended.

- Archer Can Now Be Placed On Building Pieces.

- Ranged Goblin Has Been Added Which Can Stand And Shoot Over The Walls

- Castle Wall Building Pieces Can Now Be Crafted Using Stone Brick.

Update 30 March 2018 - Alpha V17.09

Added On 30.03.2018

- Building Door Damage Problem Has Been Fixed.

- Save System Has Been Enhanced. Zombies Last Location Is Being Saved Now.

- Chicken Duplicate Problem Has Been Fixed.

- Some Graphical Changes Has Been Made.

Update 27 March 2018 - Alpha V17.08

Added On 27.03.2018

- Main Menu Scene Has Been Added Into The Game And Game Map Has Been Enlarged.

- Settings Menu Has Been Added With Basic Mouse Invert And Sensivity Adjustments.

- Visual Adjustments Has Been Made On Pause Menu.

- A New Compass Crafting Item Has Been Added With Which You Will See The Location And Distance Of Your Campfire, Furnace And Villagers.

Update 20 March 2018 - Alpha V17.07

Added On 20.03.2018

- New Trees Has Been Added.

- Foliage Plants Has Been Added.

- Building Door Opening Bug Has Been Fixed.

- Trees Fall Sound Has Been Added.

Update 17 March 2018 - Alpha V17.06

Added On 17.03.2018

- Items In Campfires And Furnaces Can Be Saved.

- Trees Fall Animation Has Been Added.

Update 15 March 2018 - Alpha V17.05

Added On 15.03.2018

- Objects In The Storage Box Are Saved And Loaded Properly.

- Fence Door Damage Bug Has Been Fixed.

- Wooden Fence And Fence Door Placing Problem Has Been Fixed.

- FPS Has Been Increased After Several Optimizations.

- Stag Movement Has Been Rearranged.

Update 11 March 2018 - Alpha V17.04

Added On 11.03.2018

- Save System Has Been Improved. Building Pieces Can Be Saved Properly Now. Storage Box, Furnace And Campfire Items Will Be Saved Soon.

Update 10 March 2018 - Alpha V17.03

Added On 10.03.2018

- A Complete New Map With Much Better Shaders Has Been Finished And Uploaded.

- Villager Saving Problem Has Been Fixed.

- Save Load Problems Has Been Fixed.

Update 06 March 2018 - Alpha V17.02

Added On 06.03.2018

- Now, Goblin Camps Could Attack To Players After 7 Days.

Update 04 March 2018 - Alpha V17.01

Added On 04.03.2018

- 9 Different Kind Of Enemy Has Ben Added.

- Fat Zombie Male

- Weak Zombie Male

- Fast Zombie Female

- Goblin Warrior

- Goblin Assasins

- Goblin Ranger

- Orc Male

- Ogre

- Troll


- FPS Problems Has Been Eliminated And Performance Has Been Optimized.

With Totally Renewed Scripts And Optimization, Frames Per Second Value Is Nearly Doubled.


- Orbit Camera Has Been Added.

Pressing “C” Button Navigates Between Cameras. Now A Third Camera Has Been Added. With This Camera You Can See 360° Around And Zoom In/Out To The Player With Mouse Scroll Button.


- Suspension Bridges Has Been Added.

We Continue Developing Map By Adding New Places And Scenarios.


- Goblin Camp Has Been Implemented.

Now You Will Come Across With Some Goblin Camps. Be Careful If You Let Them Develop Too Much, They Start Attacking You. You Have To Find And Destroy The Cave In The Camp!


- Damage And Durability Values Of Weapons And Tools Has Been Rearranged.

Actually This Is The Second General Arrangement. According To The Results, New Items Will Be Added.


- All Lake Waters Are Drinkable Now.

Water Well Is Craftable And Placeable Anywhere After Gaining Some Level.

Until Then You Can Drink Water From Natural Water Sources You See In The Game.


- Brutal Coin Collecting Bug From The Jugs Has Been Fixed.

There Are Jugs In Goblin Camps, Underwater And Hidden Places.

You Can Search These Jugs In Order To Collect Brutal Coins!

Mini Update

Added On 07.02.2018

- Application Procedure Has Been Finished To Release The Game On Steam.

Mini Update

Added On 06.02.2018

- Enemy Spawning Evil Portal, Which Is Also Symbol Of The Game Has Been Added In The Map.